Music in the Silence
Does your child sing at home when she is alone in a quiet place?  Have you ever noticed your baby will often use his voice in the silence between songs in class?  Silences are powerful – sometimes more powerful than the music itself.
Children often respond to the music in the silence that follows a song.  In the silence, children are able to process what they just heard without any other sound getting in the way.  It is in this silence that they will begin to hear the music inside their heads – something called “audiation” – which is necessary for them to do before they can effectively produce their own music.  Audiation is a term that Dr. Edwin Gordon borrowed from learning specialists to describe musical thinking and it is fundamental to learning music overall. *information from Music Together® Parental Education Moments
Listen to your child closely at home and during music class.  Notice her tendency to sing in quiet times or in silences between songs.  When singing together at home, pause purposefully between songs and see if you can notice your child’s responses to long silences.

“The music is not in the notes, but in the silence in between.” 

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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