Greetings Music Families!

Did you know that all children are musical?
It is true.  The tenet of the Music Together® philosophy is that, like with all basic skills that we learn as we develop (language, motor skills, etc.), we all can learn basic music competence.  True, some people are born with higher music aptitude – we all know there are musical geniuses – but according to statistics, the 84% of the general population has an average-to-high music aptitude and even the rest of the population have some kind of music aptitude!  Unfortunately, there is a common misconception that most of the population is “non-musical.”
Research shows that we can achieve Basic Music Competence (the ability to sing in tune and move the upper- and lower-body accurately to a beat) if we are given the opportunity to learn music.  Just like with language, we must be immersed in music-making environments for optimal learning.  There is a critical period (birth to age 5 years) during which music aptitude is most malleable and open to influence.  This is why the Music Together program focuses on this age group.  Musical growth is best achieved in a playful, developmental appropriate, non-performance-oriented learning environment which is musically rich yet immediately accessible to the child’s participation.
You are giving your child the gift of a musically-rich learning environment so that he/she can develop to his/her fullest musical ability.  Remember to keep the music-making magic alive at home and play your Maracas music daily.  Refer to your growth chart and delight in the ways that your child is growing musically.
Play begins in delight and ends in wisdom.” —from Music Together

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