Greetings Music Families!

We are thrilled to have you join us for our Spring Maracas Collection for the next 10 weeks.  This spring, you and your children will love riding on “This Train,” “Dancing with Teddy,” chasing “Five Little Mice,” and bouncing, clapping, wiggling and giggling to “Jumpin’ Josie.”
The Music Together program was carefully designed to create a rich, musical learning environment that is developmentally appropriate for children ages 0 through 5 years of age.  Our teachers are specifically trained to help guide parents and children through musical learning experiences while acknowledging that children will demonstrate normal developmental behaviors in the process.  For example, many of the children in class will want to explore the instruments with their mouths.  This is not just OK, but it is essential to their learning.  The mouth is like a “third hand” and a child’s brain is wired to collect information through her mouth as well as her hands and fingers.  After class, we clean all the instruments that have been “tasted.”
To some, our classroom might resemble something of a “barn yard,” but to the professional musical researcher, the classroom is a “gold mine” of musical immersion and learning for all who are present.  All types of learning will be demonstrated by the children in class from the kinesthetic learner who uses his whole body to learn and process information to the observer who only watches during class, but expresses music when in the safety of her own home.  The non-formal learning environment created by our teachers is designed so that all types of learners will feel comfortable and have the tools for learning basic music competence.  Our job, as teachers and adult caregivers, is to model active music-making in class, have fun, and enjoy our children in the process!
You are giving your children the gift of a lifetime!  Not currently enrolled in our music classes?  Enroll for a free preview class today and find out more information about how to join our musical family!

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